Elena Kasyanenko
Artist. Soft pastel. Chinese painting

Elena Kasyanenko

Artist. Soft pastel. Chinese painting

Dear friends!

Welcome to my website where you can see my artworks made in soft pastel and Chinese painting techniques!
My way in the field of art and creation started in 2009 when I got acquainted with Chinese painting. I visited China several times to have lessons with Chinese painters, practiced a lot by myself and started to teach other people. I also studied realistic style of painting here in Russia. And now my favorite techniques are soft pastel and Chinese painting (xie-yi style). Soft pastel gives me the possibility to create realistic colorful works on plain air during travelling or at my studio if the size of the painting is big or the weather wasn’t convenient to create on nature. Chinese xie-yi painting teaches clarity of thought, freedom and at the same time exactitude of brush moves, laconism of shape, balance, dynamics and harmony in composition. I practice xie-yi both in nature and at home. I’m sure that these two techniques suit and complete each other perfectly.

In 2014 I founded my art studio in Moscow where I teach adult people to paint and help them to discover their creative talents. We also like to travel together and paint on plain air in amazing places not only in Russia but all over the world.

I am a member of the National Pastel Society of Russia and take part in Russian and International art exhibitions. On this page you can see some of my paintings. If you’d like to buy one you can contact me by email elena.kasyanenko.art@gmail.com, I will send you more information about it. For international delivery issues I use the service of the company Art Pochta https://artpochta.ru/eng/.
I hope you enjoy seeing my paintings!

Soft pastel. Landscapes
Soft pastel. Flowers
Soft pastel. Still lifes
Chinese painting. Landscapes
Chinese painting. Flowers and birds